These are some of the common questions I receive from potential clients and since it is not an exhaustive list of concerns please feel free to contact me with any particular questions.

What’s your service area?

My standard area is North King and South Snohomish counties bounded on the west by Puget Sound and on the east by the Cascades. The core is the Seattle-Eastside metropolitan area and engagements outside that area may be subject to additional fees based on distance, ferry, etc.

Who has property rights to the photography you provide?

Under current copyright laws, the copyright of any photography remains with the photographer. Generally the license is granted to the listing agent who paid for the license. The license grants the use of the images and related media by the agent in any medium for the duration of the listing agreement for exclusive use in marketing the listing. Other licensing arrangements may be negotiated.

What is the turnaround time for real estate photography?

The real estate images are delivered within one to two business days. The digital images are delivered via online download link with clear instructions. This enables the listing agent to have the highest quality images in the shortest time so facilitate putting the home on the market. It may require an additional day when the engagement includes a 3D Interactive tour.


Are the images you provide MLS ready?

Yes, in addition to being more than suitable for MLS usage the high definition quality makes then very useful for marketing media such as brochures, flyers other printed material.

Is this the only type of photography you offer?

Yes, the technology involved in creating beautiful images of the inside and outside of homes is very challenging and demands focus in order to produce the best results. I provide 3D Interactive Tour in addition to the HDR still images showcased on other pages on this website.

How long does a real estate photo shoot take?

Taking the still images for an average size home, up to  2,000 square feet, takes from 1-2 hours depending upon how much preparation has been done to make the home "Open House" ready. The process involved in shooting the 3D Interactive tour is dependent on the number of rooms and style and generally takes 1-2 hours.