HDR Described

High Detail Resolution

An old saying goes like this – “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” and this is especially true today with the rapid and universal use of web based advertising for the marketing of residential real estate. With the advent of digital photography, the quality of pictures of any kind has improved dramatically. Imagine then, how good pictures can be if they are taken with High Detail Resolution technology! The results can be truly remarkable.

Master Bedroom

An Explanation

HDR Photography utilizes a technology called “bracketed imaging” which is a process where the camera takes three images at once! Well not quite at once, but in sequence the camera will capture one image at normal exposure and then one 2 exposure values under exposed and another 2 exposure values over exposed. Then, the three images are “fused” which is a process where software uses all three images to produce a perfectly balanced final image, no light or dark spots, just great colorful detail.


Next Steps

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